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Personal Website for Job Search

Personal Website for Job Search

A personal website for job search is a great tool to have in your personal brand building tool kit.  In this article I'm going to explain why it's important and what should be on your personal website.  I'll also cover how to get started building your personal website for job search. I did this with my personal website for job search and it made a difference. The job market is very … [Read More...]

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Interview Tips

12 Interview Tips – Did You Know All These?

This article will provide several interview tips related to the job interview.  To best utilize the interview tips below, it’s important to really understand the purpose of the job interview. The job interview is the opportunity for you to sell yourself to … [Read More...]

Cirriculum Vitae Best Practices

Curriculum Vitae Best Practices

Your curriculum vitae, AKA resume or CV, is a one to two page document.  It should highlight your accomplishments and information related to the job you are seeking. If you have less than a decade of experience you should keep it to one page. If you have … [Read More...]

brand yourself

Brand Yourself To Find A Job

You need to be memorable and a great way to do this is to brand yourself.  By doing so you will have a better chance of standing out amongst the other people competing for the job you want.  In order to brand yourself you’ll need to do several things so that … [Read More...]

Best Job Search Sites

Best Job Search Sites

In this article about the best job search sites we're going to cover three of the most popular and effective sites that you can use to find up to date job listings. When I was searching for a job I used these job search sites a lot. And, importantly, … [Read More...]

business letter format

Business Letter Format

An important part of business communications is using proper business letter format.  This article covers all the components you need to know when writing a business letter.  As part of your job search you will need to follow the business letter format when … [Read More...]

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