Elevator Speech Tips

Elevator Speech

Think of your elevator speech as a 30 second commercial that you would give to someone while in an elevator.  The concept of the elevator speech is that, because an elevator ride is short, you only have a limited amount of time to tell someone about yourself.  You don’t have to be in an elevator, obviously, to give a quick speech about yourself.

You need to have one because it’s important to be able to quickly and clearly communicate who you are, what you can do and what you’re looking for.  It’s also part of your Personal Brand and necessary as part of the networking and interviewing process.

An elevator speech applies to any situation where you need to quickly deliver information about yourself.  Maybe it’s at a conference or even a social setting where you meet someone in your field.  It could also be to a friend in case they know someone else who might be looking to hire someone like you.  It’s also a great answer to the interview question:  “Tell me about yourself.”

It’s important that you memorize your elevator speech.  You never know when you might need to use it.

Elevator Speech Examples

When writing your elevator speech there should be four main components.  Those are:  A brief description of your title and skills, a quick summary of your previous experience, your key strengths and your goal.

Starting with your title and experience, let’s say you’re a Business Analyst.  You might say something like “I’m a business professional experienced in leading the analysis of how a new business application can improve time to market.”

Moving on to your previous experience, “Most recently I worked for a major finance company where I led analysis of a project that improved time to market and reduced costs by 20%.”  An important tip here, facts are important.  By stating the measurement of “20%” you add credibility to what you did.

Key strengths:  “I can always be counted on to be a positive influence, to perform an accurate cost benefit analysis and to maintain a strong sense of urgency.”

And then finally, what is it you’re looking for?  “Right now I’m seeking a business analyst position with a Fortune 500 company where I can demonstrate my years of experience and grow my career.”

Elevator Speech – Conclusion

So, what are you waiting for?  As you can see, creating your elevator speech is not hard to do.  Spend the time to write it down and tweak it until it sounds good.  Practice it on people who know you and can give you honest feedback.  Then, memorize it and practice it without having it in front of you.

By creating your elevator speech you’ll have made a major step forward in your job search.  It also has the effect of raising your confidence.

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